Tribal fusion & Blues music from the Saharan Oasis

Daraa Tribes

A fusion of ancestral tribal music and Saharan Blues, Daraa Tribes comes from the oasis town of Tagounite in the Daraa River Valley of Morocco, with each member originating from a different tribe, bringing with them diverse music traditions to create an eclectic style only to be found in the oases of the North African Sahara.

First Daraa Tribes EP


The demo "Alwan" EP is Daraa Tribes first expression of the diversity that unites them and influences their music. “Alwan” means “Colors” in English and is a reference to the diverse  ethnic makeup of the band and of the Daraa River Valley, and also a reflection of the various tribal styles that can be heard in their music. "Alwan" relies heavily on and often fuses Gnawan and Saharoui vocal and percussive styles, overlaying them with the sound of modern Saharan Blues electric guitar.


About Daraa Tribes

Daraa Tribes come from the oasis town of Tagounite, deep in the Sahara Desert of southeastern Morocco.

“Daraa” refers to the Daraa River Valley running down the southeastern corner of Morocco, opening up the country to the Sahara Desert and the continent of Africa. The Daraa River Valley is renowned for its oases spotted along the river, its ancient kasbahs hidden within them, and the diversity of tribes both indegineous to North Africa and descended from the Arab world dispersed throughout them, each of which contributing to the region its unique tribal culture and mix of traditions and languages.

“Tribes” reflects the diversity of those tribes, which have created and prospered from a culture of peace and tolerance amongst them, established and cultivated over the centuries. Each of the members of Daraa Tribes hails from a different tribe settled in the oasis town of Tagounite, bringing with them a diverse set of music styles. These tribes include the Gnawa, Saharoua, Amazigh, Regaga, and Lkaaba.

Members Balkhir Razgui (lead vocals), Rachid Berazougui (lead guitar), Abdelkbir Saadi (bass guitar), Mustapha Aqermim (rhythm guitar), and Hafid Ami (percussion) mix this tribal fusion with the modern Saharan Blues style of music to produce an eclectic sound of electric guitar riffs weaving through tribal percussion and vocal styles. The vocals often combine Moroccan Arabic (Darija), Saharan Arabic (Hassania), and the indigenous North African language (Tamazight); mirroring the modes of self-expression in a multilingual and multiethnic culture. Their blues and rock style is wide-ranging, influenced by the great Ali Farka Toure of Mali and American Blues master John Lee Hooker, the Toureg Rock band Tinariwen of Northern Mali, contemporary Saharan Blues bands from Algeria Imarhan and Kadr Tarhanin, as well as West African funk and Afrobeat artists like El Rego of Benin and Ben Zabo of Southern Mali.

Lila official video

Lila, Night, is a Saharan dance song, falling back on Saharoui percussion and vocal styles. Lila tells the story of preparing to go out for the night - whether to a tribal wedding or to spend a night in the desert under the stars - passing the night with music and dancing.

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Raoud official video

Raoud, meaning Thunder, fuses tribal lyric styles with modern Saharan Blues song composition. The lyrics can best be described as a love letter to rain, typical of tribal traditions in the Sahara, and calls for the sound of thunder to roll over the desert mountains, bringing rain  with it and providing life to all living things in the desert.

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